Tuesday, May 19, 2009

About the Guild and FAQ's

Guild Description:
The name is much more ominous sounding than it actually is. This Guild uses the powers of stalking for good… not evil. We employ covert means of promoting at least one Artfire shop per week without the shop’s knowledge. The goal is simple: to generate as much traffic as possible to the chosen shop. Any and all Artfire artisans, regardless of genre, are welcome to join!

Guild Mission:
Our mission is the shameless and selfless promotion… of others. We employ the ideal of paying it forward and utilizing our stalking prowess for the advancement of Artfire artisans and the handmade movement. Through the promotion of all we will succeed.

Um... why did you choose "Stalkers"... it sounds so bad? Why not take something negative and give it a positive spin?

Do I have to be an Artfire Artisan to participate?

Can I submit a victim for stalking? Yes. There is a submission form right here on the Guild Blog. The "Suggest a Victim" button is located at the top of the right side bar.

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