Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So...when was the last time... got a little tail??

Welcome to week 2 of Wild Wonderful Wednesday!  This week I'm stalking...I mean featuring....Otterly Amazing!  Great selection of tail....I mean tails....available for your amused purchase and enjoyment!

Ever seen a purple fox?  Well.....if you did he was probably missing his tail!

Wonder if the artisan makes a trunk to match this elephant tail....hmmmm

Gotta feature the otter tail!

Be sure and check out the other tails available at OtterlyAmazing.  And come back next Wednesday for more Wild Wonderful Artisan Studios from Artfire!!!


  1. Awesome great these are for Halloween!!!

  2. Laughing my tail off! What a fabulous new shop to check out!

  3. LOL!
    Cute idea.
    Ok, who else but me thought the last tail looked suspiciously like Snuffleupagus' nose?

    Snuffleupagus on Wiki


  4. I wouldn't have known how to spell Snuffleupagus! Glad you like the post!



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