Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wild Wonderful Wednesday -- Gotta light??

How about a drink?  Something to eat?  Well, if you like inventive, creative candles, I've got the studio for you!  Kickinskreations!

Thirsty?  Like to have a nice Apple Martini once in awhile??  No need to have a designated driver for this one...just light it up an enjoy!

Got the munchies?  Craving chocolate??  This won't really help, but it's still a fun candle!

As for my last selection from this studio....I can think of a few people I could give this to for Christmas....(of course, I don't mean any of the Stalkers!)  What?  Everyone likes soap, right?

Ahem...couldn't resist....admittedly, I didn't try very hard.  Hope you enjoyed this week's tour of Kickinskreations shop which specializes in candles, soaps and so much more!

Don't forget!!  You can Stalk the Stalkers starting tomorrow!  Have Fun - Win Prizes!!

1 comment:

  1. They have the best candles in that shop. Fun themes and really great fragrances!! Love em!!


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