Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wild Wonderful Wendesday - Here there be Dragons!

I love dragons! This week I am featuring the Elemental Dragons Artisan Studio.  She creates fabulous dragons and dragon friends -- all with their own story to tell!

First up we have Rivves of the Forrest Clan - with his little froggy friend!

From the Earth Clan we have Cylus!

And here's Fred - he is a Cherpell.

This fantastic studio also features a bog frog and a tweerb -- you really can't go wrong!  She even has a tutorial so you can learn to make your own elemental dragon if you want!  How fun is that??!!

See you next week!!


  1. Those are adorable! Off to find out what a bog frog and a tweerb are... :)

  2. Very cute!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful shop!!!

  3. Those are adorable. Great shop!

  4. awww...I love dragons...and these little guys are so cute :)


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