Sunday, November 21, 2010

MzzThang of Fo Shizzle Designs, Take A Bow Please!

This week we have the honor of promoting one of our own Stalkers, Mzz Thang. Mzz is the owner of Fo Shizzle Designs. I had a really hard time promoting this great studio because I wanted everything I looked at!! There would be no way I could choose just one item from this shop.

If you need some great gift ideas this holiday season, just pop on over to Fo Shizzle Designs for some truly unique gift ideas.


  1. Love Fo Shizzle designs! I have purchased bracelets from her in the past and they are just as gorgeous in person as they are in the photos. Congratulations on being stalked!

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  3. Thank you everyone soooo very much! You all have done incredible things for me and my Art Fire studio - and I'm sorry that I haven't been around much this past week, but for anyone who reads this comment, please know this: The Stalkers Guild is a warm, caring and very supportive group of artisans who go above and beyond to help promote others. They have written blogs, created collections and have used every possible means of social networking available to raise awareness on both individual items as well as my shop as a whole. This extraordinary group spent the entire past week promoting me...MY shop -- and I am absolutely amazed at the outcome; both in public awareness that my Art Fire shop even exists; to inquiries of custom orders, based on pieces someone had seen on a blog.

    If you have not yet joined the Stalkers Guild, I highly recommend that you do - and while you're busy promoting your own shop, just take a moment and help promote someone else. As our Stalkers Guild grows, so does (of course) the amount of promotions.

    Great things happen in big numbers.

    Thank you again! (smoochies!)

    ~ Mischelle "Mzz Thang" Martell
    Fo-Shizzle Design Studios


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